incorporated in 2013 with a vision to redefine human comfort. The journey from sole to soul hence began with subtle steps towards pampering of the most important part of your being, your feet; a body part that remains enveloped most of the time.

This cloak hence ought to be drafted with care, woven with love and presented with style.

With its Design & Creative team located in nature’s cuddled valleys of British Colombia, Canada, the romance between colors, cotton & knitting is exquisite. The raw material is selected with the integration of highly experienced yarn & knitting experts.

Our Manufacturing facility is located in the knitting heart of India and we have deployed professionals to manufacture every pair of socks with utter care & strict Quality Control. We are aware of the changing trend of socks, for they no more are a basic staple. They have evolved, in style and usage and hence have a lot of technicality involved now. Our socks are designed to cushion impacts, ease pain, wick moisture, control odor, resist bacteria and most importantly to smoothen your tread to such an extent, that your journey of life through thick and thin becomes a memory in itself. Likewise there is now a sock for everyone. A different one for athletics, running, walking, casual wear, hiking, skiing and snowboarding; we give you a sock of your own. When Lefjord started producing its initial pairs, the target was to LITSEN. People from different parts of the World were invited to try our Socks and the experience was visibly ‘soleful’. The response helped us egg-on to the cause and after months of incessant quality check on the product, here we are, to finally teach you the art of a soleful walking.
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This precept limits the joy of wearing a new pair of socks every day; of the pleasure of wrapping your feet in pristine cotton and putting your best foot forward. Pioneering the concept of soul socks, Lefjord is all set to give a new spring to your steps. LEFJORD Inc. (LeFJÖRD) was incorporated in 2013..

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